About us

PRO-WAX is a ”spin-off” from Chocoma, which for more than 70 years has developed, manufactured, and distributed machinery to the worldwide chocolate industry. For further information about Chocoma, please visit the website www.chocoma.com

So, what does cheese and chocolate have in common?

What is typical for cheese waxing and chocolate enrobing is that a center has to be covered. Therefore, the PRO-WAX equipment is inspired by technology used in a chocolate enrober. However, differences in the products, like sizes, shapes, temperatures, etc., and the derivative mechanical requirements make the cheese waxing process very different from chocolate enrobing.

The first PRO-WAX was put into operation in 1992. Since then, PRO-WAX equipment has been operated in Europe, the USA, and Australia.

Meet Christian Nilsson, Managing Director

Christian has cultivated expertise in industrial solutions with a journey that ignited in 1980 as he was trained as an electrician with a focus on industrial applications.

That gave him a good technical foundation topped which he later on topped with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a specialization in Production Management as well as two Graduate Diplomas in Business Administration, one focusing on marketing management and one focusing on strategy and operational management.

A steadfast commitment to delivering value-added solutions and fostering enduring partnerships has been the compass guiding his professional voyage.