Additional information

Maximum height of a cheese to be completely coated in a single pass is 110 mm. Cheeses higher than 110 mm will need a double pass.

Furthermore, the cheese to be waxed should meet the following specification:

  • The cheese would need to be dry when presented to the machine.
  • The cheese should preferably be cut. If extrude it has to be completely relaxed.
  • The cheese would need to have a core temperature of between 2-5°C.
  • The cheese must have a reasonably flat bottom.
  • The cheese should not crumble in the operative’s hands.

Wheels or ½ wheels up to 5,0 kg (diameter 300 mm x 150 mm high) are wax coated too by means of double coating. However, Chocoma cannot offer a guarantee for a smooth and uniform appearance for bigger cheeses that need a double pass.

Given the variety of types of wax available and given the huge variety of cheeses that needs waxing, Chocoma is not familiar with all of these combinations in relation to the waxing process and result.

A known standard wax that approximates the requirements for cheddar cheeses in the size of 0,25 kg to 2,5 kg is:

Congealing point: 60-66°C
Method: ASTM D 938

Penetration at 25°C: 55 – 65* 0.1mm
Method: ASTM D 1321

Viscosity at 100°C: 8 – 13 mPa.s
Method: ASTM D 3236

Colour: Black (Type of pigment used: E 151)
Method: Visual

Apart from the waxing machine at least one wax tank and a take-off table will be needed – alternatively a cooling tunnel.