Doubling the standards: Customized cheese waxing machine for extraordinarily high cheeses 🧀

At Pro-Wax, we understand the importance of meeting our client’s unique needs. However, this understanding was put to the test recently when a customer approached us with a particular request:

They needed a cheese waxing machine capable of handling cheeses towering up to 250mm in height, far beyond the standard of 125mm.

To put the height into perspective, most hard and semi-hard yellow cheeses are 75 to 125 mm high.

While initially hesitant, we were inspired by our customer’s enthusiasm, which drove us to kickstart a creative engineering process. This led to the development of a customised cheese waxing machine that doubles the standard capacity and can now wax cheeses up to 250mm in height.

The result reflects our dedication to finding practical solutions and our ability to tackle unique challenges head-on. At Pro-Wax, we’re focused on meeting industry standards and finding innovative solutions that address our customers’ specific needs.

If you’re facing a unique challenge or have a specific request, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us with any standard or non-standard requests.

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